Saturday, January 10, 2015

Our trip to Hong Kong

Rob and I decided that we wanted to go to Hong Kong around Christmas.  Christmas morning we woke up, opened our presents and stockings and then had our driver take us to the train station where
we took the train to Hong Kong

We found a place on air bnb to stay that was great.  It was close to the train station, close to lots of fun restaurants and on the beach

It was pretty cold out, Oliver was bundled up, I was complaining of being frozen...

And Betsy would have played in the sand for hours

We had decided that while we were in Hong Kong, we wanted to go to Disney Hong Kong.  We had heard mixed reviews, people told us not to have high expectations, that it wasn't as good as Disneyland California(but really is anything), but it was AMAZING.  It was the perfect size that we weren't rushed.  You have to take a train to get to it, and its totally secluded.  The second you step off the bus you forget you are in China.  We loved it

 Anyone who knows me well, knows that I get extremly sick on spinning rides, so I waited in line with Betsy and was hoping they would just let her ride alone, I said can I go buckle her and and then not ride, he said " No you have to ride'. I really must love this girl.

No matter what country you visit in.  Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth!

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