Sunday, January 4, 2015

Welcome to China

If you are just seeing my blog for the first time, Welcome.  If you have frequented here, you already know me, even though I haven't undated in quite some time.  To get you all up to speed I'll give the a brief intro into whats been happening
My husband and I and our two children are living over seas in Dongguan, China.  We moved over here the beginning of November 2014. Rob got offered a position that was too great to pass up.  We sold all but 6 suitcases and 4 boxes of our earthly possession, including cars in two weeks and flew over here(our house sold and closed last week, after only 2 months, YAY!).  Rob is working in the furniture industry and is loving it. The kids and I spend our days, playing at the playground, feeding the koi in our apartment complex, adventuring around, and getting adjusted to life here. We are all loving it and feel very lucky to get this oppourtunity to live in a foreign country.
This blog will be where I keep family, friend, and anyone else interested up to speed with what is going on.


Hunt Family said...

Miss You!! Look at how big Oliver has already gotten!!!!

Katie said...

Lady lady miss you like crazy!!!!"

Hawkins Family said...

How exciting!! I'm glad you're doing a blog so I can see what it's like over there with kids! I miss China! I have always wondered what it would be like with kids there. How was the flight over?!? That part would scare me the most! 😁